Shimi Ceramic Jug-and-Cup Set

$10 — Kettle Difference Package
includes designer-level engraving, custom-printed box, and personalized card
Add a delightfully rustic feel to any beverage presentation with this minimal jug and mug set. The earthy, natural feel of the set comes from its wabisabi-style pottery design, which celebrates imperfections and organic lines to create beautifully unique pieces.  The raw clay finish of the jug and cups creates a stunning rustic look, while also giving them a porous quality that keeps water and chilled beverages cool for a perfectly refreshing sip every time! Pitcher holds appx. 70 oz.

Materials: Ceramic, Bamboo
Weight: Pitcher - 1.9 Lbs.
Dimensions: Pitcher - 14"H X 9"W, Mug - 5.5"H X 3"W

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